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(03) 9702 6939


Waxing has many benefits, such as long-lasting results, because the hair is being removed from the root with wax and strips. When the hair eventually grows back, it will be finer, weaker, and softer. Waxing will also exfoliate any dead skin cells as it removes hair from the root, leaving your hair smooth and hair-free.

At the Skin Bar Berwick, our highly skilled therapists are hair removal specialists. We offer waxing as a safe, hygienic, and longer lasting hair removal method which is highly effective in removing large amounts of hair in one go or from larger areas of the body such as arms, stomach area, back and legs.

We have seen our products work to effectively combat many skin conditions. We believe that it is our job to assist you in combating your concerns. We understand the highs and lows of your skin concerns; which is why our aim at The Skin Bar Berwick is to make sure you leave each treatment feeling more confident, happy and beautiful.

Visit us at our Berwick clinic in Eden Rise Village Shopping Centre, a convenient location for Clyde and Cranbourne customers who live in the vicinity. Contact us at (03) 9702 6939 or send us an email and we will get back to you shortly.

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men's waxing

The leading destination for men’s skincare and grooming in Berwick/Clyde

At The Skin Bar Berwick, we are known for our male grooming services.

We are experienced in men’s waxing, offering our waxing services in a clean and hygienic environment.




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